I am writing this note as the president of a mining company, a father and temporary resident to this amazing blue marble.  It is time to start taking better care of our planet.  We can do this and still maintain a high quality of life. The choice is simple, and the reality is that there is no other viable direction to take. We need to make products that are greener, more sustainable and which produce less waste. 

The green revolution will require minerals and green technology to make this a reality.  It is possible to make aluminum without producing massive amounts of caustic red mud tailings.  It is possible to make CO2 free cement, a product that currently accounts for 7% of the world’s CO2 output. It is possible to produce permanent rare earth magnets from mines in jurisdictions with strong social and environmental laws.

As a geologist and someone who has been in the mineral resource industry for over 30 years, I have seen first-hand what needs to be pulled from the earth and refined to make the everyday products we use. There are many good companies doing the right thing, but there are some companies and countries that show complete disregard for the future of the planet. It is past the time to ensure we extract our natural resources in the most sustainable way possible to protect the limited resources we have, and the environment and communities from where they are extracted. 

There is a will to do what is right, regardless of legislative or regulatory frameworks.   We cannot wait for governments to make the right decisions or move fast enough.  Consumers can and will.  Companies are starting to do the right thing, and it is being driven by shareholders, stakeholders, and customers.  You hold the power to make these changes happen by demanding greener products and for the producers of these products to be better stewards of the planet. As a mining industry, we can deliver the resources needed in a sustainable, socially responsible manner.  

We can do better. You hold all the power to make sure this happens. Our company can help get us there. You have my commitment.

Jim Cambon – President