The White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) project lies within the Qeqqata Kommunia. The Qeqqata Kommunia encompasses eight towns and settlements over an area of 115,500 sq km, with a population of approximately 9,300 people. It is home to the Greenland School of Minerals & Petroleum (Råstofskolen) located in Sisimiut, which will be a good source of future employees and can be used as a center for training.

In 2015 Hudson signed an Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) with the government of Greenland and the Qeqqata Kommunia. Key parameters of the IBA are as follows:

  • Social and cultural funding of DKK 200,000 annually
  • Educational funding of DKK 300,000 annually
  • These numbers are based on Hudson producing 200,000 tonnes of product a year.  Funding increases by DKK 50,000 for each fund for every 100,000 tonne increase in production.
  • Target of 80% Greenlandic workforce by the end of the third year of production.
  • At least one apprenticeship for administration and four apprenticeships for positions such as mechanics, mineworkers, electricians and others.