Mining the Way to Green Products

Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining and technology company focused on developing the unique White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) anorthosite (calcium feldspar) mine in Greenland to bring green products to the world. Our refined products, GreenSpar and Anocrete, bring significant green benefits and cost savings to our customers. The White Mountain mine will have multiple revenue streams as our products have applications in the fiberglass, alumina, filler, paint and white cement markets.

Our mine adheres to the strictest environmental standards and does not use any chemicals or water for processing.  The mine is permitted for 50 years and has a current mine life of over 100 years with the deposit being open in all directions.

Construction has been completed and the mine is in production. Hudson has a 10 year supply agreement with one of the world leaders in E-Glass fiberglass production.

Green Benefits


  • The Greenland operation is a simple quarry with a crushing and magnetic separation facility.
  • No water or chemicals are used to process the anorthosite.
  • Minimal impact to the local landscape.
  • Reduced CO2 by up to 15% for every tonne used by E-Glass producers.
  • Will make paints and coatings last longer.
  • Ability to produce alumina without toxic red mud tailings.
  • Ability to produce CO2 free white cement.

Why Greenland?


  • Greenland is a self-governing administrative division of Denmark and has control of its mineral rights
  • No landclaim issues. We deal directly with the Greenlandic people
  • Competitive fiscal regime
  • Local communities are supportive of mining and have a skilled workforce available
  • The Greenland School of Minerals & Petroleum (Råstofskolen) is located near the project
  • Excellent logistics and infrastructure with an international airport 80km from the project and year round tidewater access via a deep water port

Multiple Revenue Streams


A replacement for kaolin in the production of E-glass fiberglass. A 10 year off-take agreement has been signed with a leading fiberglass producer.

Paint & Polymer Fillers

A replacement for kaolin and nepheline syenite in paints, coatings and polymers.

Source of Alumina

A replacement for bauxite as a primary source of alumina without producing any waste or tailings.


A replacement for Portland cement to produce Anocrete, a CO2 free white cement.

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