Strategic Minerals in Greenland

Hudson Resources is a Canadian based mining and exploration company focused on developing strategic and green mineral projects in Greenland.  Hudson owns 33% of the operating White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) anorthosite (calcium feldspar) mine in Greenland and 100% of the Sarfartoq carbonatite exploration project which hosts an advanced rare earth element project rich in neodymium, and a high grade niobium/tantalum project.

Green Benefits


  • Reduced CO2 by up to 15% for every tonne used by E-Glass producers.
  • Will make paints and coatings last longer.
  • Ability to produce alumina without toxic red mud tailings.
  • Ability to produce CO2 free white cement.


  • Key component in reducing weight of steel in cars, buildings
  • Powerful superconducting metal
  • More efficient lithium ion batteries

Rare Earth Elements

  • Neodymium is the main component in permanent magnets which are critical in green technologies

Why Greenland?


  • Greenland is a self-governing administrative division of Denmark and has control of its mineral rights
  • No landclaim issues. We deal directly with the Greenlandic people
  • Competitive fiscal regime
  • Local communities are supportive of mining and have a skilled workforce available
  • The Greenland School of Minerals & Petroleum (Råstofskolen) is located near the project
  • Excellent logistics and infrastructure with an international airport 80km from the project and year round tidewater access via a deep water port

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