White Mountain (Qaqortorsuaq) Anorthosite Project

What is Anorthosite?


Hudson’s anorthosite is a calcium feldspar rock which is primarily comprised of aluminum (31%), silicon  (50%) and calcium (15%).  The White Mountain anorthsoite is unique in its size and purity.

Typically, calcium-rich anorthosite deposits are small, irregular and contain too many impurities for commercial applications.  The White Mountain ore body is geologically massive and homogeneous with no competitors. The only larger anorthosite occurance is on the moon, which is 384,000 km away.

Project Highlights


  • Hudson has a 100% interest in the project.
  • Fully permitted mining project for 50 years.
  • Over 100 years mine life based on current drilling.
  • Unique deposit with no significant competitors.
  • 10 year supply agreement with world’s premier fibergalss producer.
  • Four potential revenue streams from one mine.
  • Low capial cost to build mine ($40M, plus $10M in indirects, reclamation, working capital).
  • Simple mine processing translates to low operating costs and attractive margins.
  • Excellent infrastructure with fully operational deep water port.
  • International airport 80km from the project.
  • Production expected in the second half of 2018.

3D Models

Site Model

3D Plant Model

Plant is in a 20m x 30m building

Strategically Located


White Mountain Aerial View

The White Mountain anorthosite body is a massive intrusive complex that extends over 8km.



White Mountain

The Project is situated on the central west coast of Greenland at latitude 66°33’N and longitude 52°10’W.

This central location provides easy access to Europe and North America.

Process Flowsheet

 Process is simple with crushing and magnetic separation.

There are no chemicals involved.

Open pit operation with no stripping and no waste rock.

Production facility process:

  1. Crushing
  2. Magnetic separation
  3. Storage
  4. Loading onto ships
  5. Delivery to end users or further refining


Photo Gallery 2018

Photo Gallery 2017