January 3, 2022


Vancouver, BC – HUDSON RESOURCES INC. (“Hudson” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture Exchange “HUD”; OTC “HUDRF”) announces that Hudson Greenland A/S, the license holder of the White Mountain anorthosite mine in Greenland, has changed its name to Lumina Sustainable Materials (www.lumina.gl.) to better reflect the focus of the company. Hudson Resources Inc. owns 31% interest and holds the right to buy back 100% of the White Mountain mine.

Lumina Sustainable Materials released the following notice:

Greenland’s first anorthosite mining company, Hudson Greenland, will be changing its name to Lumina Sustainable Materials. The name Lumina, another word for “light”, has been handpicked to signal the bright future that lies ahead for anorthosite, both environmentally and economically. Lumina has decided to transform from merely serving as a mining project to filling in the role as a supplier of highly specialized anorthosite-based industrial products. Lumina’s Qaqortorsuaq White Mountain Anorthosite Mine in West Greenland has been operational since 2019 and holds an initial 30-year mining license.   
Small Carbon Footprint
Anorthosite already has a reputation for being a natural resource with an environmentally friendly profile, not just because of its purity but because the mining process itself leaves a comparatively small carbon footprint. Lumina’s anorthosite is currently marketed under the tradename Greenspar™ as a component of e-glass, mineral wool, paints, and plastics.  “We are not limited to using anorthosite as an eco-friendlier replacement for current manufacturing ingredients,” Managing Director Bent Olsvig Jensen explains. “Our aim is to collaborate with different industries and find new ways to embed anorthosite in their products for enhanced performance and improved properties.”
Stronger, Cheaper, and More Eco-Friendly
What gives anorthosite such versality and huge potential is its numerous differentiating attributes. It is a high-purity silicate mineral with unique chemical and physical properties. Because of its countless applications, it has a huge potential in many industries. Lumina’s extensive research & development has shown that anorthosite can improve a range of properties for existing materials and contribute to creating stronger, more durable, less expensive, and more eco-friendly end products. 
A Whole New Incentive
Aiming to expand this portfolio, Lumina will be working closely with various industries to find new applications for anorthosite, thereby creating a whole new incentive for development. In 2021 the company shipped production test materials to three continents, and Lumina expects to take the business global in 2022.

“We look forward to collaborating with different industries and finding new ways to embed anorthosite in their products for enhanced performance and improved properties,” Bent Olsvig Jensen says.
Lumina’s ownership and management
The company name and logo are new, but the ownership remains unchanged: Cordiant Capital, Hudson Resources Inc., and Apex Asset Management AG. In October 2020, the company’s management, administrative functions, and accounting were merged in Greenland, headed by Bent Olsvig Jensen as Managing Director.
For more information, please visit the website www.lumina.gl.

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